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Certificate NumberCompany NameModelsEffective DateDevice Type
4734-9844th District Ag AssociationColusa Fair3/6/1998Non-Computing Scale
3672a-99ABB Medidores S.A. G2, G2D1, and G2D1p8/17/1999Hydrocarbon Gas Vapor Meters
4720-98ABM Scale CompanyABM DW3/11/1998Automatic Bulk Weighing Systems
5908-22Accuenergy (Canada) Inc.AcuRev 1311, 1312, 1313, and 13147/12/2022Watt-Hour Meters
5892-21AddEnergie Technologies, Inc.CoRe+ and SmartTWO8/25/2021Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
5964-24Air Products and ChemicalsEagle Research, Micro MV 1002/13/2024Meter Indicating Volume
5966-24Alpitronic GmbHHYC_50UL, HYC_200UL, HYC_400UL2/20/2024Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
5942-23AMCS Group IncRECY9/11/2023Scale System Controller
5619a-14American Clear Water Systems726 SPLD, ACWS3000, 636 SPLM2/26/2014Other Measuring Devices
3381-90Anheuser-Busch Inc.TSS 1001 P5/14/1990Scale System Controller